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    Captivated by its legendary name, 

    visitors blessed to uncover the small, charming 
    village of Hollywood, Co. Wicklow 
    (Cillín Chaoímhín) are generally seen 
    snapping photos of the Oifig An Phoist 
    (Hollywood Post Office), and our Hollywood 
    sign on the green fields of Dragoon Hill, 
    surrounded by grazing sheep.

    How funny, they must think; there’s a village 
    in the hills of Ireland named after Tinseltown, 
    but if only they knew the truth.

    Hollywood, Co. Wicklow is the original 
    Hollywood. We boasted the name almost a 
    thousand years before our 
    Californian counterparts.

    In fact, local emigrant Matthew Guirke 
    christened the Los Angeles suburb in honour 
    of his native village. 
    Matthew left home after the famine. 
    He made it big in business over there 
    and owned a race-track.

    Amazingly, Matthew Guirke was the 
    great-granduncle of Jim Guirke, 
    Hollywood’s long-serving Post Master.

    If only those clicking their cameras knew…